What is LAMO®?

LAMO®'s an ecosystem of digital and physical products that work pretty great together. At its core, it's all about bringing people together to share their interests and have fun collective experiences..

... blowing stuff up.

LAMO® is made with Gamers. And when we say “with Gamers” we’re talking the world’s top competitive video-gaming talent. Ninja, TimTheTatman, LIRIK and summit1g are not only featured as interactive characters, but they were also involved in developing the LAMO® platform right from the start.

The ecosystem has three main parts.

(1) A fun online party game, (2) a covetable collectible vinyl figure and (3) a mobile app that connects the two, bridging the digital and the physical (what we call “phygital”).

LAMO The Game

It's a fast paced, free-to-play, online multiplayer party game. Hyper intense snack sized rounds can be enjoyed back-to-back all day long, or played as quick pickup game between rounds of your other favorite online titles.

Eight players enter the fully destructible party arena and battle to be the last LAMO® standing. After the initial frenzy to collect valuable resources, the energy level builds at breakneck speed, creating an unrelenting, adrenaline fueled battle of excitement, explosions, unexpected upsets, and for the winner; epic bragging rights. At least until the next round.

LAMO The Vinyl

Most of our team members grew up when games came on cartridges and discs. They were packaged in substantial cases with cool artwork you could display and share with friends. In a world where everything is downloaded digitally, we kinda miss that. So we created the vinyl figures to directly tie in with the game characters. So players can not only show off their tastes and interests in the gaming arena, but also in real life. A covetable collectible you can display in your bedroom or on your desk at work. To us, having a symbol of something you care about, that you can hold in your hand and display in your home makes all the difference.

LAMO The App

LAMO The App is free to download in the Apple and Android app stores. Anyone with the app can go to a retail store and scan the front of any LAMO® box. They’ll be able to enjoy a fun, next-level AR experience and share with friends on social media. Once purchased and registered in the app, the vinyl figure itself comes to life in AR. Users can enjoy exclusive content, much of which includes the actual voices of the real life gamers. The content will be updated regularly, so the experiences remain fresh. We’ll also be making exclusive special announcements through both AR channels too.